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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sickness Sweeping our Household...blech!

Christmas Eve Josh was sick with a gastro-intestional virus. Puking, the runs, chills, fever etc. Took him to the doctor (thank goodness they were open) and got him medicine.

We made plans for Marc and Mer to go to Christmas with the family but he woke up Christmas Day and felt well enough to go.

Coming home Christmas Day I had a horrible headache, mostly sinus pain.

Monday Meredith started puking, wouldn't drink, eat and even after a tigan supp. she kept puking. Took her to the ER since she's not supposed to dry heave with her Nissen.

In the ER, I got sick.

102+ fever, cold chills, felt awful. They put me in a room down the hall from Mer. We both got IV's for fluids and she got zofran, I got phenergan. I had a reaction to the phenergan...thought I was going crazy...lasted about two hours. My fever finally broke and I'm left with this upper respiratory infection. Went to my doc today and got some meds (cough syrup and something for the drainage and post nasal drip).

Marc is the only one who hasn't gotten it yet...I'm so hoping he doesn't get it.

Did someone say something about packing up the Christmas stuff...yeah, right~

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

It was a Very Merry Christmas around here.

Josh was sick yesterday, took him to the doctor and ended up he had a quick stomach virus. He felt much better today so we continued on with our plans.

Meredith was so much fun this year, she ripped into everything and loved everything.

She said, Ohhhhh and Wow a lot. She loved her Sky Dancer, Littlest Pet Shop, Leapster L-Max, My Little Pony, New PJ's...Nightgowns and slippers, Cinderella holiday doll, guitar, a lot of games and the list goes on.

She said Thank You over and over again.

She's so much fun.

Josh was feeling better and was very happy with his haul too.

He got I-Fusion Speakers for his I-Pod, a new stereo for his truck, a new cell phone, clothes, cash (a lot of cash) gift cards, track jacket, couple of games...and more...a very nice haul indeed.

Christmas is so sweet. Family time, great food, happiness and joy coming out of every pore as the kids are opening their gifts...I'm sappy but I just love my family and my life.

My colitis was even mostly quiet this week which was a very nice present for me.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

I made a new pie last night that sounded good and was easy but it seems like it's missing something.

I was going to take it on Christmas Day (I always test things on my family before taking it anywhere) but I decided I don't like it enough.

Sooooooo...off to the store to get the ingredients for my Banana Pudding which everyone loves...and I must say...it's really yummy and sinful!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas Eve!

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Monday, December 19, 2005

The tears are gone.

They noticed.

It's scary...that they noticed.

The apologies have been made.

Yes, I'm glad.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm hurt, the kind of hurt that I desperately try to avoid.

My husband would say that I don't get close to many people because of what's transpired in my past, he's right.

It's difficult to get through my many levels of self-protection, when someone does, they have the ability to hurt me beyonds words.

I'm generally the strong one.

I laugh things off even if they cut me to the bone inside.

No matter how things are, I'm famous for saying, "It's all good".

Today sent me reeling back, tumbling at a speed that I couldn't stop.

Tears, pain, hurt.

Memories...yes, they fade but they don't disappear.

I love my family, I try to do the right thing by them.

I've worked hard to overcome the undeserved "black sheep" title that I carried with me for so long within my family.

I've tried to communicate honestly and openly. I've been terribly hurt on more than one occasion by the response I've received when I've voiced things that have been hurtful to me.

I've learned to keep most things to myself, it's better that way.

They don't see the tears.

They don't see the pain.

They don't see the hurt.

I'm not sure they'd notice anyway.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

In my quest for some new Christmas music, I somehow missed Clay Aiken's, Merry Christas With Love cd until this weekend.

It's the most amazing cd I've ever heard, his voice is incredible, I get chills listening to O, Holy Night. The songs are just beautiful.

They bring you away from the commercialism of the holiday and back to the true meaning of Christmas.

No matter what's going on, how busy I am or how stressed I feel when I put this on, all of those feelings melt away. My breathing relaxes and I feel like there is more of me to go around...does that make sense?

My personal favorites are:
O, Holy Night
Hark The Herald Angels Sing/O Come All Ye Faithful
Mary, Did You Know
Don't Save It All For Christmas Day

If you buy any Christmas music this year get his cd, you won't be sorry!

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Friday Feast

Name something you'll miss about 2005.

All the new experiences with my kids. Marching season with my high schooler. Meredith and all the firsts that go along with being 4...so sweet and so innocent.

What is one thought that went through your mind today?

My kids are driving me c*r*a*z*y!

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how compassionate would you say you are?


Main Course
If you could invent something, what would it be?

A cure for Inflammatory Bowel Disease...specifically, Ulcerative Colitis

Do you prefer salty snacks or sweet treats?

Salty & Sweet...especially popcorn and chocolate...mmmmm....good!

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Well, we got the super cold weather. Wind chill this morning is 3...oh my aching bones.

Cancelled my colonoscopy, didn't want to have to drive on ice.

Schools are closed today, happy family day!

Yay, got my blog template changed to a winter theme...go me!

I'm sitting here with my little heater on, wrapped up in a blanket and I'm going to unburrow and go make some hot tea.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Today...Expecting sleet, snow, bone chilling cold weather.

Tomorrow...Colonoscopy, second one this year. I'm not looking forward to the prep, trying a different one this time so maybe it'll be better than the last.

Still trying to finish decorating for the holidays. Thought I'd be done by now but I'm not...seems to be a never ending process. Maybe because I'm changing out decorations. Bringing in new and purging old. So far, I've only brought in new and love them!

I keep thinking I'll change my blog to a winter theme, you can see that hasn't happened either...oy...life keeps getting in the way!

I'd forgotten how much I love all my sig tags, here's one of my favorites made by Joanus.

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