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Saturday, August 06, 2005


It's tax free weekend here in Texas and their are just as many people shopping as there are at Christmas!

Went to get J some new shoes and I think everyone was there, it was hot, crowded, so many racks of stuff that I couldn't even move. I managed to knock a bunch of stuff off of one of those peg rack displays. I was trying to figure out how I was going to get down and get them all up (since it's still hard to bend my knee all the way) when a nice teenage boy picked them all up for me...he was shopping so it wasn't like it was his job or anything.

I love it when teenagers are nice, makes my day!

M & J are gone to another mall to see if they have the *right* shoes in the *right* size.

I'm home, resting. My leg is a bit better every day but still not ready for all day mall trips.

Hope you're having a great day~

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ok, so I'm a serious deal shopper!

Today, I got softsoap bodywash and some fabric softener for FREE!

Nothing's better than free!

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We've got air conditioner!

They put in an entire new unit...woohoo! I can't wait to be in other parts of the house when it's cool.

We have a big window unit in the master bedroom and bathroom so it's been cool in there or I don't think I would have survived since last Saturday.

I'm sick of eating out and will be thrilled to actually eat dinner at home again. I always seem to overeat when we go out...no self control.

More later, have to go stand under a vent right now!

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A/C man came. They have to order a compresser through American Home Shield and it should be fixed by Friday at the latest. Thank goodness we have the home warranty otherwise we'd be paying around $1500 out of our pockets.

Went to the first band booster meeting last night and sounds like a very busy year, like last year.

Mer has her 4 year check up today, I think she also has to get shots...yuck~

My knee is doing so much better...knock on wood...I'm hoping I'm on the downhill slide with the pain and swelling.

Nothing exciting happening here...sorry~

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Weatherman says it's currently 98 outside. I think it's about 98 inside the house too.

A/C Repairman is coming tomorrow between 1 and 5, there were/are 300 people in front of us.

Thank goodness for this big window unit that's keeping our master bedroom and bathroom nice and cool.

We've had time for that close family bonding that occurs when you're all crammed into a couple of rooms together for an extended period of time.

Farting seems to be a pleasurable thing for the guys to do...why in world do you all have to point your butts **towards** us when letting one rip? Why is it so funny to you? Why do you like for it smell...the worse it smells the funnier you think it is?

It's a guy thing...certainly not a girl thing...hopefully just one more night of gas for Mer and I!

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Alrighty...the air conditioner stopped cooling late Saturday afternoon.

I'm in North Texas...


We thought about going to a hotel but what about the dog and cat...it was too late for anyone to come out.

Instead, we bought a big window unit ac and put in our master bedroom. It's keeping our bedroom and bathroom very nice and cool. I much prefer to be home than have packed up and brought everything to a hotel.

I truly don't know how people live without ac in our area. It makes me tired and grumpy.

I'm praying the ac people can come out today and especially praying it's not something that's going to break the bank.

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