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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Good Morning to You & Happy Halloween!

Did you remember to set your clocks back?

Hope you have great weather for all the wonderfully cute kids that will be passing by your place for candy this evening.

Mer has always been an adorable Princess or Fairy...here's a couple of pics from last year.

Mer Last Halloween!

Sweet Darling!

This year she expressed an interest in being something a little different, so she's going to be a black cat. The cutest black cat of course and it certainly fits her little...er...not so little personality...Meeeeooooowwwww ;)

We wish you all a Wonderfully Fun Halloween!

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Friday, October 29, 2004

Oh My...Testosterone Abounds!

Oh Please, the testosterone is taking over!

Marching band is barely over and the boy is makin' me nutty already.

I've decided that when marching season ends, it's like the after christmas let down and you have to figure out what to do.

There's no more running like mad here, there and everywhere.

He's figured out what to do, he's drivin' me to the nut house.

He's been practicing for Winterguard and yesterday he was out twirling one of many items he currently uses...either a broom, a flagpole, a mop, an old crutch, a walking stick...I'm on the phone, he comes in and says, "Mom, I'm bleeding, you need to take me to the hospital."

Me: You need me to do what, you're kidding, what happened? What were you twirling this time?

Testosterone Boy: I don't know

Prissy 3 Year Old Who Knows Everything: He was twirling the flagpole and it ripped his finger off mommy

Me: Getting sick watching the blood drip from his finger, down his arm and off his elbow into the sink...I need to see it but let's wash it off first so I can actually see more than blood.

Testosterone Boy: Screams when he puts his finger under water

Me: Ooops, I didn't mean to put on the hot water...sorry

Testosterone Boy: You tryin' to kill me or what?

Me: You tryin' to make me crazier than I am with all this blood or what?

We look at each other and roll our eyes.

I looked at it.

Me: Yeah, it looks bad and you have a 6:00 call time tonight for band...lovely, just lovely...lots of sarcasm here.

We get ourselves together and of course prissy has to wear her flipflops on the wrong feet but we all get into the truck and away we go.

I call the testosterone loaded hubby on the way...to a man, nothing is ever "that" bad...bwaaahhhaaaaa

Me: I'm taking the testosterone boy to the er, he's tried to cut his finger off twirling something

Hubby: Grunts...how bad is it?

Me: I don't know, bad enough

Hubby: Bleeding?

Me: Not so much now

Hubby: They prolly won't do that much anyway, especially if it's not bleeding all over the place

At this point, we are passing by the er at the hospital and Testosterone Boy and I just wave and keep going. Well, we drove by it, does that count?

Stopped at the store, got some cut dressing stuff to use, the liquid skin doesn't work for us on fingertips...had to buy prissy some dora band aids too.

Got him bandaged, off to the game he went.

Fast forward to this morning~

I stumble into the kitchen, barely and I mean barely awake. I've got one eye open, cotton mouth, reaching for a cup to get something to drink and here he is with that finger proudly showing me how the blood has soaked through.

Ok, I used to be fine with blood until Meredith had a spinal tap and now I just can't handle it.

So, I'm about to pass out, gagging, grabbing my throat, running for the sink, coughing and he's laughing...too much testosterone in the mornings too.

I gather myself and unwrap it...yes, there's a problem...duh.

I go and get the testosterone loaded hubby to take a look and the first thing he says is, "Yep, he should have had stitches on that bad boy."

Me: Well good god, aren't you the same person that said they wouldn't do much?

Testosterone Loaded Hubby: Well, I don't know why you called me...I'm not a doctor.

Me: Think I should take him to the er now?

Testosterone Loaded Hubby: Yeah, and this time you should think about stopping!

Soooooo....by 7am this morning, I wanted a drink...Margarita on the rocks...with salt!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Well, Well, Well...looky who can cook!

10 Years, 10 long years and finally my dear husband can grill up the best pork chops ever.

We've suffered through his crunchy rice a roni with a smile~

We looked at each other over the table while taking a bite of cooked on the outside, raw on the inside cornbread...no, there's no problem...it's good, really...it's good!

We ate his burnt meat that lovingly prepared for us as part of a spaghetti dinner, just put extra sauce on it and you don't taste the burnt part. Cook spaghetti again, that's ok honey...I've got a new sauce recipe I want to try next time ;)

This summer that all changed, *I* started grilling almost everything we ate and he started hanging out at the grill with me...you know...we'd steal a few moments of alone time in the 100 degree heat by the 500 degree grill with the sun beating down on us...odd, the kids didn't just run out to be with us.

Over time he took over and he's done a fine job, much better than any chops I've ever laid hands on.

He's even got a favorite marinade now, Stubb's. Wheeeee, he's cooked enough to have a favorite marinade...I love saying that!


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Monday, October 25, 2004

Whew, what a Weekend~

The Sachse Mustang Marching Band are making a name for themselves, they made it to the Top 10 Finals Competition on Saturday Night.

Congrats to the Band, you all are awesome!

I'm still amazed at the quality of program and band that shines through even though Sachse High School is only three years old and will just have it's very first graduating class this year.

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Wish the Sachse Mustang Marching Band Lots of Luck Today!

If you happen to stop by my blog today either because you're a regular visitor or you're having to pay an obligatory 30 second visit via Blog Explosion please leave a Good Luck comment for the band!

The school is in it's 3rd year of existence and they've done so well they are going to UIL Area Competition today.

They will be competing among 24 other bands for a chance to proceed on to the State Level Band Competition.

Go Mustangs!

PS...Band Members:
A Little Note:
We've watched you all work this program since July and you're all just amazing!

You've worked hard, practiced many long, long hours, kept your grades up, stayed out of trouble and we're all very proud of you!

We know you'll do **Fantastic** today and of course you'll hear all of us crazy parents from the stands..."Sachse...Sooooo...Sweet"!

We Love You Guys!

And yes, I get big tears in my eyes every time I watch you perform the program...Pride...Lots of Pride for all of you!

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Friday, October 22, 2004

I Declare this New Sock Day!

It's finally happened, the socks have beaten me.

I know they've spent weeks, months and some of them may have spent years conspiring against me and I'm now officially giving up.

I started out with a small container of mis-matched socks that has, over time, grown into a self re-producing nightmare that I just refuse to deal with anymore.

They make sure they don't get in the same dirty clothes container, one gets in the container and one on the floor. One stays in the dryer and one gets dropped on the floor only to be discovered later and discarded into the "pile" of other mismatched partners where they can spend their time partying instead of being worn and protecting the foot of those they were purchased for.

Today they are all being discarded~

I'll be purchasing new socks for everyone~

We all get a fresh new sock start!

Oh Happy Day!

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Alrighty Old Navy Shoppers!

They are having a sale!

Take an "Additional" 50% off of sale items today through Sunday only!

I just bought some jeans for Mer yesterday on clearance for $10 buckaroo's, I'll be takin' them back for a price adjustment and they'll end up being super cheapo which is right up my alley!

Don't know that it'll ever get cold enough for her to wear them since we are still in the 80's and 90's but she'll have them just in case ;)

Anyone else going shopping? Whatcha' gonna look for? Thrive on a deal?

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Mom's & Dad's, Are you Listening?

I'm one of the lucky ones, my son talks to me.

Many kids don't talk to their parents, they don't feel they can. It's sad. Kids have so much to say about themselves, their friends, their feelings, their lives. Most often, it's indirectly and you have to be listening, it's there, are you?

I often wonder why mine talks.

Is it me, is it him?

I like to think it's the relationship that I've worked hard to build from very early on.

Nurture, love, listen







How often do you grab a drink, sit down and clear your head and have a conversation with your child...they talk, you listen? Really, how often?

I know how busy I get with Meredith, with schedules, with what has to be done next, and so on.

When I found out I was pregnant with my son over 14 years ago, I promised myself, my unborn child and the Lord above way back then that I would do my best to be the best Mom I could be.

I'm continually trying to do just that.

Are You?

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Someone Tell Mother Nature it's Fall!

Today is October 19th and we are forecasted to hit in the low 90's today...ugh.

What happened to our fall, our lovely cooler temperatures, crisp mornings and slightly warmer afternoons?

Aside from all of that, this is the time of the year when I look forward to **NOT** having to shave my legs all the time.

I look forward to skipping a day or two or...shhhhh...more!

I like to save on water, save on time, save on electricity and all of the other excuses I can come up with when I'd just rather not bother.

Don't roll your eyes, some of you know you don't shave your legs as often in the fall/winter either and you might even be glad for the extra warmth too!

Have a Great Day, I'm off to Target...Alone!

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Monday, October 18, 2004

Awwww, Come On...We all want more blog traffic!

I've been lucky and have come across a few new reads along the way and have seen some blogs that have made me go hmmmmmmm.

Click below to see what it's about and yes, it's free...sign up under me...hahaha, that even rhymed...sounded stupid though!

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A Household of Addicts!

Who would have thought that a household that includes a 43, 37, 14 and 3 year old could all be addicted to the very same thing!

We are all like crazy people, where is it...I've got first dibs on it, who's got it, don't mess it up.

Hurry up, find it, get it, is it there, they didn't forget it did they...we stand around like druggies,hands on our hips, tapping our feet waiting for our next fix!

Everyone has their own rationale as to why they should be first to have it:

Me: I'm the lady of this house and put up with all of you, I get it first~
Marc: I'm the man of the house and work, if I don't see it now, I never will~
Josh: Hey, I just want it right now~
Mer: Mooooommmmmyyyyy...Please let me have it...Now!

Wondering what in the heck it is?

The weekly Target ad!

Why Target, I have no idea but we are Target addicts in our household!

Wonder if my paperguy would give us two Target ads, that would drive my family nuts.

Have a Great Day!

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Monday Madness

This week's questions are all about computers! Let's play, shall we??? (and let's make it fill-in-the-blanks....)

1. I have reformatted my hard drive about 3 times.
2. I usually reformat my hard drive about 2 times a year.
3. When I'm working in a document, I save about every autosave-2 minutes.
4. I've upgraded my computer by adding nothing...it's new.
5. I've got about 100 CD's/floppies with info on them and about 2 of them aren't labeled.
6. Since I've been using my computer, I find the easiest way to organize my files is to use descriptive names. (Looking for suggestions!!)
7. I have 6 email accounts.
8. Whenever I have a computer-related question, I usually call my husband of course.
9. I usually use a search engine when looking for most everything.
10. My computer is about 6 months old.

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Happy 10th Anniversary to My Darling Husband!

Thank You~

For loving Josh as your own~

For being my very best friend in the world~

For showing and teaching me what healthy love looks and feels like~

For letting me discover that not all men are out to hurt women and children~

For loving me just as I am, faults and all~

For allowing me to cry, holding me, taking care of me when I hurt so badly~

For believing in me when I didn't believe in myself~

For allowing me to be a stay at home mom~

For giving me a beautiful daughter~

I Love You!


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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Mommy, Are You Awake?

As usual Friday nights during football season are late nights for us and last night was not an exception. We got home, unloaded the truck, talked about the show, had a snack and piddled around and when I looked at the clock it was somewhere around midnight.

I had everyone double check their respective calendars to make sure there were no commitments that we had to get up for this morning and woohoo, baby...not a thing! We were home free, sleeping late here we come!

I woke up sometime around 2am with my stupid knee hurting so I moved hobbled out of bed, got the ice pack and got settled on the couch with the ice pack and went back to sleep.

The next thing I know, my eyelids are being peeled open...

Mommy, are you awake?
Mommy, is it morning?
Waaakkkkeeee Up!

Mommy, I want you~

I barely moved over and Mer climbed up and slithered in beside me and made herself comfy on my left hipbone, I was in agony but she was comfy and quiet. I knew my leg would be numb shortly so I didn't move.

That lasted about 3 minutes~

Mommy, I want on the other side now~

I'm barely alive and crack my eyes open to see that it's daylight outside but I don't dare look at the time because guilt will set in if I see that it's past 6am and I'll make myself hit the floor running.

I move over and she makes herself comfy again, I'm dying...she's happy...it lasts about 2 minutes and she's up again.

Our couch is a recliner couch and so she's off again and she goes behind me this time and starts pulling my eyes open with my eyelashes.

Mommy, are you awake?

You really should wake up, it's morning time ya know!

Good Morning to You! (This is something I'm known to sing)

Mommy, it's time to put your makeup on.

Mommy, I'm hungry!

Mommy, I'm thirsty!

Yoo hoo...Mommy!

I finally wake up enough to say...

Mer, go see if Daddy's awake...bwaaaahhhhaaaaaa!

After all, wasn't it me that was crawling on the floor yesterday while he was all nice and comfy!

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Friday, October 15, 2004

Well Lovely, Nothing Like Crawling Under the Bathroom Stall!

Today is Marc's birthday so Mer and I went and picked him up for lunch.

After a successful lunch with no fits, no major spills, no huge power struggles Marc and I are thinking we are home free...woohoo...wrong bucko!

Mer said, I need to potty.

I looked at Marc...we'll meet up with you outside the bathroom.

Off we go, Mer and I...had a great lunch, goin' to the potty, just gonna be a minute...yep, all is good!

She has to go in her own stall and has for a long time now.

I go in my stall, do my business and am waiting for her by the sink.

Me: Mer, are you done?

Mer: Nope!

Me: Whatcha' doin?

Mer: Pooping!

Me: You almost done?

Mer: No Way

Me: Oh, do you have a lot left?

Mer: I don't know yet

Me: Ok

In walks a young girl, I'd say mid 20's who wanted to know how old Mer was, and told me all about her brothers and sisters, etc.

Mer: Mom, is that you talking?

Me: Yes

Mer: Who are you talking to?

Me: A Lady

Mer: Why are you talking to a stranger?

Me: Mer, honey...just finish up your business...are you done yet?

Mer: Nope

Me: Almost done?

Mer: Don't know yet

Me: Sighs really loud

The lady says, good luck and leaves

Mer: Mom, are you still here?

Me: Yes, Mer. Are you done now?

Mer: No, I have 4 rows of poop in the potty now and more is coming!

Me: You counted your poop?

Mer: Yes, Mom...I have a lot.

Me: Ok, well finish up.

In walks yet another lady asking me how old Mer is and told me about her kids.

Mer: Mom, you talking to *another* stranger?

Me: Yes, Mer...are you done?

Mer: No, I told you I had 4 rows of poop and more is coming down.

Me: I wish I had known about this large poop, I would have brought a book to read.

The lady walks out of the bathroom laughing, wishing me luck.

I don't need luck, I need my kid to be finished pooping so I can get out of this tiny bathroom that I've over inspected every inch of.

Mer: Mom?

Me: Yes, you're done?

Mer: I think it's done coming out.

Me: Thank God

Mer: I thank him every day for my food.

Me: I'm glad Mer, now open the door.

Mer: Rattles the lock...rattles it some more...and some more...Mom

Me: Yes

Mer: I can't open it

Me: You're kidding, right?

Mer: Nope!

Me: Oh Great

Mer: It is, that's good Mommy

Me: No honey, it's not great...Mommy was just being sarcastic.

Mer: What's sarcastic?

Me: Forget it Mer

Mer: Forget what Mom

Me: Nothing Mer

Mer: Laughs

Ok, so I've been in the bathroom for freakin' ever by now! I'm hot, irritated and could have finished my book at the slow rate that she poops and now I've got to crawl on the floor to unlock the stall.

So I'm just hoping that no one walks in because here I am, laid out on the floor sliding myself underneath the stall door to release my 3 year old who has now lost stall rights until she's about 10!

What a moment!

Where's Marc, in the comfy SUV playing a game on his PDA and checking sports scores every now and again on it too...what a life he's got!

Me...4 rows of poop and crawling on the floor
Him...Games on the PDA and Sports Scores

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Dragging Through the Day Today!

Oh for goodness sakes, I've spent the day dragging myself through it.

I'm sooooooo tired but I can't be tired, there's no time to be tired. Today is Marc's birthday, tonight is football, Sunday is our anniversary, etc...tiredness isn't in the "schedule".

The alarm went off this morning and I thought of only two things, a sledgehammer or being in another life not mandated by a darn clock.

Marc slammed (he's much too tired to tap it gently, slam the sucker into submission) the snooze button and bam, we've got another 10 minutes of blissfull sleep! It goes off again, wham...slam it again...did it break this time? I should get it up just in case it actually broke because then no one would get up and that would really be awful.

Oh my gracious, *can* I get up? My bones, they are creaking and popping and I'm only 37...oh, wait...Meredith slept halfway under me all night again...ugh...I can barely move from my waist down. I ever so slowly get up and not because I'm trying to be quiet folks, it's because I can't freakin' move! Great, I'm up and then I have to stand there for what seems an eternity until I realize that if I don't head towards the bathroom, I'm prolly not going to make it.

Why do I have to pee right when I wake up and I can't move? Doesn't my bladder know that I can't move, that my body is sore from the ahem...monster...errrr...princess...being under me half the night?

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Friday Feast

What is your favorite beverage?

Chick-Fil-A Sweet Tea with 2 Lemons

Name 3 things that are on your computer desk at home or work.

Digital Camera

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how honest do you think you are?


Main Course
If you could change the name of one city in the world, what would you rename it and why?

It's too early to think that much so I'm passing on this one~

What stresses you out? What calms you down?

Stress-When both kids have an attitude at once~
Calms-Marc or Godiva Chocolate ;)

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Family Boardroom~

We're able to tell when Josh is overtired and needs to do some serious catch up on his rest. The only problem with catching up right now is when.

Rest has to be a the **top priority** or nothing else will matter.

He's full of protesting, his horn needs to be polished, band gear needs to be double checked for tomorrow nights game, etc.

We finally said, we're the CEO's of this family and we run the boardroom. If you have more homework you're free to do that but anything else will have to wait until tomorrow because you've got to get some rest.

I really think he was relieved, he went and finished his homework, came back in the kitchen had a glass of milk and something a little sweet to eat and is heading to bed as I type this.

I love hearing the words, "Goodnight, Mama"...I hope he never thinks he's too big or too old to say that.

Goodnight, Josh...I Love You!

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Congrats! to the Sachse Mustang Band!

A fantastic performance last night at UIL which earned them all 1's and they will now get to march in area competition in a couple of weeks!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

UIL Tonight!

This is it, today is the day!

The kids have been working their rears off since July on this program and tonight they perform at UIL!

Send them lots of good thoughts!

Go Mustang Band!

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Love Shopping Hanna Andersson?

Here's a new discount code for you!

31H20 will get ya 20% off, I don't know the expiration date but it's good for now!


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Chick Chat

1. What's the Best Thing about Fall?: Cooler Weather, Marching Band Season, Warm Cocoa and bunches more!

2. Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie?: Pumpkin!

3. Do you pull out the flannel nightgown when it gets chilly?: Nope

4. Hot Chocolate or Mulled Cider?: Hot Chocolate

5. Sex: with socks on /or/ off?: Off, there's enough heat already!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

~Images Of Mom~

I Love this every time I read it!

4 YEARS OF AGE ~ My Mommy can do anything!
8 YEARS OF AGE ~ My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot!
12 YEARS OF AGE ~ My Mother doesn't really know quite everything.
14 YEARS OF AGE ~ Naturally, Mother doesn't know that, either.
16 YEARS OF AGE ~ Mother? She's hopelessly old-fashioned.
18 YEARS OF AGE ~ That old woman? She's way out of date!
25 YEARS OF AGE ~ Well, she might know a little bit about it.
35 YEARS OF AGE ~ Before we decide, let's get Mom's opinion.
45 YEARS OF AGE ~ Wonder what Mom would have thought about it?
65 YEARS OF AGE ~ Wish I could talk it over with Mom.

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You Know You'd Love More Blog Traffic!

I just joined, you should check it out too! Click below to see what it's about and yes, it's free!

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Monday, October 11, 2004

A Girl & Her Favorite Shoes!

We bought these shoes forever ago at the Dollar Store and gosh darn, Mer just loves them! She's outgrown them, her feet won't even slide into them anymore and the papery green stuff that is supposed to be the leaves is coming off but she won't let me throw them away.

When she's gone to school or out of eyesight, I try to get rid of them but I just can't.

I can see her in my mind sitting in a chair with her favorite shoes on, swinging her feet just as happy as can be...saying, "Mommy, do you like my shoes?"

Mer's Favorite Shoes!

I've tried to buy her some new ones but she say's, "No, I've got my favorite pink shoes at home already". She looks up at me, tilts her head and says, "You know, Mommy...my pink ones...my heels?"

The weather has been yucky today, drizzly and rainy so Mer and I have been home most of the day. Today she sat at the table eating her lunch with her favorite pink heels on, swinging her feet wildly, asking me again and again if I still liked her pink heels, looking at her feet, then looking at me, looking down again, smiling at her feet and then laughing out loud and looking at me again and laughing.

Yep, today's been a good day so far...just Mer and I...no boys, no farting, no belching, no butt scratching, just us girls!

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~Sachse, So Sweet~

Let's start with how to pronounce Sachse, I'll make it easy...Sacks-ee, told ya, easy breezy.

The band marched in the 17th Annual DeSoto Classic Invitational on Saturday.

They swept the entire competition and proudly brought home the following awards:

~*1st Place Overall Performance*~
~*Best Overall Percussion*~
~*Best Overall Colorguard*~
~*Class AAA Champions*~
~*Class AAA Best Drum Majors*~
~*Class AAA Best Percussion*~
~*Class AAA Best Colorguard*~

I've put up some pics if you'd care to peek at them here~

~Mustang Band, You Rock...Keep Up the Fantastic Work~

I'm One Proud Mom!

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Sachse Mustang Band-2004 DeSoto Marching Classic Champions!

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Friday, October 08, 2004

Friday's Feast

What are your plans for the upcoming weekend?

High School Marching Band Competition tomorrow~
Sunday is recovery, relax and regroup~

Who was the last person you talked to on the telephone?

Marc, called to tell me he put the dry cleaning ticket for Josh's band uniform in the door, such a sweetheart~

Name a hobby that you've tried but eventually gave up for some reason.

Scrapbooking, just didn't have the time...or didn't make the time~

Main Course
What is the most important personality quality in a mate?


Why is the sky blue (be creative with your answer)?

God decided it should be~

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Whether you've had a child who's had a Nissen Fundoplication like Mer has or just prefer no carbonation for other reasons, here's a good drink to try that isn't loaded with sugar.

Target's house brand Market Pantry has a Non Carbonated Kiwi Strawberry Naturally Flavored Water Beverage that we all like a lot! It's calorie free, caffeine free and sugar free. Made with splenda and no carbs if you count those. The colder it is the better~

They had some other flavors but our Target manager said they fly out of the store as fast as he gets them.

In our area it's .79 for 33.8 oz and they pack nicely into our igloo cooler that goes with us everywhere now.

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I got this today quote today from a friend and it's so true~

"Plenty of people miss their share of happiness.
Not because they never found it, but because they didn't stop to enjoy it."

-William Feather

We have so much to be happy about. Mer is almost 90 days post op now and I can tell you that I slow down each and every day to enjoy my life. I make every effort to stay in the moment and not be thinking ahead to what's next or what else I need to be doing.

We laugh a lot together, we lay in the floor together and read books, we do puzzles together, we look at the clouds together, we watch bubba at band practice together, we share our favorite drinks together, we hold hands, we hug, we give each other kisses, we tell each other little secrets...

I relish this life that I've been given and I don't take one second of it for granted.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Posting Pics~

I tend to take tons of pics and don't really get around to posting many of them simply because of all the re-sizing, etc. that I have to do.

I noticed that Terri is using www.flickr.com so I gave that a whirl this morning with the pics I posted.

I also downloaded Hello from Picasa and tried that with another pic.

I think I'll stick with these for now.

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We had a great time at the fair this year, the weather was just amazing and it was yet another opportunity to make some great family memories!

Love you Marc, Josh & Mer!

You all rock my world!


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Gorgeous, Gorgeous Hair!

Gorgeous, Gorgeous Hair!
Originally uploaded by Angee.
Don't Kids Have The Most Amazingly Beautiful Hair?

We were at the fair and the weather was overcast so as I was looking at Meredith I could see how really beautiful the color of her hair is. Not that I don't alway think it's beautiful, but on that day, it was especially gorgeous.

As a grown woman, I pay for highlights in my hair, she has them naturally. I don't recall ever seeing paid highlights looking as good as the natural ones that little kids have.

I wonder why they go away.

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Daddy & Mer!

Daddy & Mer
Originally uploaded by Angee.
Sharing a Famous "Fletcher's" Corny Dog at the State Fair~

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Teenagers & Cameras!

Originally uploaded by Angee.
I don't remember what I threatened but he finally let me take a pic. This is the, "Yeah, mom...whatever!" look that he gives me~

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Mer & Marc~Carousel Horses

Mer & Marc~Carousel Horses
Originally uploaded by Angee.
Daddy & Mer on the Carousel Horses at the fair this year.

I'll have to remember to get a pic of them every year on this ride to see the changes in them.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Chick Chat

1. Coffee: Decaf or HighTest?:

Caffeine Please!

2. How do you feel about the funky flavored ones?:

Funky works for me~

3. Latte or Cappachino?:


4. With or without a wee shot of Baileys or Kaluha (muwhaaa)?:

If it's in the evening and I'm at home relaxing, I'll have a shot...if it's been a stressful day, forget the shot and give me the bottle...otherwise, not~

5. How do you take your cup 'a joe?:

Mmmmm...Cream & Sugar Please...Nice & Sweet~

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I Love Capturing the Moment!

I love to take pictures, I'm not that good at it but I like taking them anyway. When I'm trying to get pics of Josh & Mer together, I try to get them together just hanging out, playing, having fun and not posing for the camera because we've tried that and believe me it doesn't work!

We went to the fair yesterday and I snapped this one while waiting for the parade to start last night.

Josh was asking Mer, Which finger is Thumbman?, Which is Ringman?, Which is Tallman?

In this particular photo, she's waiting for him to ask about another finger~

Gosh, she loves her brother and my entire body overflows with love for the both of them!

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Monday, October 04, 2004

Alrighty, How about a little quiz?

You're a Cappucinno.
You're a Cappicinno!

What Kind of Coffee are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

This actually fits me!

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Snot in Abundance & Sleep is Plentiful!

Shhhhh...I'm trying not to hit the keys on the keyboard very hard because everyone is still knocked out and it's 8:45 here...maybe I should see if they are all still breathing...naw...I'll keep typing~

I know the teenager is still breathing, he just sleeps late. The husband is tired so it's reasonable for him to be out.

It's Meredith who in the three years of her life hasn't sleep past 7am more than a handful of times that I wonder about. Oh wait, I gave her some benadryl about 6:30 this morning...that must be it. In the past it's always made her speed up but maybe her system has changed and it's like a knockout drug now...hmmmm...I'll have to chart this and see.

Snot! I can't stand snot...any color, thick, thin...yuck! Meredith has got a ton of it right now and early this morning her poor nose was about all crusted over. I de-crustified it (wasn't I done with this years ago) and gave her some medicine and she passed out with her daddy. She looks just like a sweet darling angel in his arms. It's prolly the only time today she'll look that way so I'll try to remember that image as I'm saying, no...don't, stop and quit later on.

We had planned on riding the train down to the fair today but it's raining. Not a little bit of rain, a lot of rain accompanied by thunder and lightening...ugh. I was so looking forward to a Fletcher's Corny Dog with extra mustard today...mmmm...mmmm...good! Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!

Do you have little kids? Do you sing this song? It's stuck in my head:

1...2...buckle my shoe
3...4...shut the door
5...6...pick up sticks
7...8...lay them straight
9...10...BIG FAT HEN

I don't know why but when Mer and I get to the last line we always end up almost hollering big fat hen and then we die laughing. She loves that and generally gets a big belly laugh going.

Ever slow down enough to watch a little kid have a big belly laugh and how it encompasses their entire little bodies? Sometimes she can hardly keep her balance because she's laughing so darn hard which makes me laugh harder.

What song is stuck in your head? Do Tell?

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Start Reading w/Saturday's Insanity #1 Below

Saturday's Insanity #2

The weather changed overnight and it got rather cool on us rather quickly. Did Meredith have any Sachse colored spirit wear for cool weather yet...Noooooooooo....and of course we couldn't show up at a contest with her wearing something other than Sachse colored clothes!

We stopped by Hobby Lobby (Hubbys Idea) and nope, nothing there...I had to entertain him at least a little...ya know, throw the dog a bone...hehehehe!

Came home finished getting stuff ready, video camera, digital camera, cooler, Mer's bows, jeans, extra tissues, nasal spray for Josh, snacks, hard candy, and on and on and on.

We decided we'd stop in a Wally World cuz' it's on the way and if Wally World doesn't have it, you don't need it...right?

First stop, stadium chair section. I knew that I couldn't sit on my arse for hours and hours with no back support so we picked out stadium chairs. I know we are short on time so I'm off and going down the aisle to look for Mer an orange top and Marc is calling me back. I think it's just to look at yet something else like always so I just kept going. He finally caught up with me in the girls department and said thanks for coming back. I was hollering at you because I think I've lost my cell phone. I just looked at him...you know...the look of death. He takes my phone and keys and takes off back down to the camping section to look for and call his phone. Meanwhile, I find a couple of tops and then I see some throws I like which in turn means I have to walk through the entire bedspread/comforter section and of course he can't call me because he has my phone.

I get done and start looking for him and he's no where to be found or seen...ugh. I stationed myself at a corner so no matter which way he went he'd have to pass me and eventually he did. He found his phone! It was in the truck where he left it...hahahahahahaha!

We checked out at Wally World, drove through Wendys and got a burger and were on our way to the Stadium.

Mer's calling me now, I'll post the rest later...lovin' my reality!

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Saturday's Insanity #1

My early post...LOL, give me a break...while most is true on most days, here's my reality check for yesterday and today!

Yesterday Josh's call time was 10:30 but as we have all come to live our lives by, if you're **On Time** you're late, if **You're Early**, you're on time! Sooooo, all thinking must be adjusted to that motto, try telling that to a 3 year old...she just looks at us~

You have all of the mental checklists to go over:

Dress Uniform...Check
Look for Double Creases, Can't March with double creases...ok, good to go
Hanging Properly at shoulders-Yes
Zip Bag
Hang on Back of Door

Mustang Band Bang-Can't Have any other Bag...after all we paid an additional $25 buckaroo's for this baby!

Shako Hat in Box-Check
Lint Roller-Check
Baby Wipes for spills & go over spill instructions again-check...lightly wipe off whatever spilled, Do Not and I repeat Do Not grind it into the material...yes, mom~
Extra Powerade-Check
DCT for lips-Check
Cell Phone-Check
Wallet-Check...wait, take wallet out, just wants cash

He's Wearing:
Body Armour Shirt
Propery Of Mustang Band Shirt
Body Armour Shorts...keeps the sweat off and takes care of modesty issues when they are all changing together on the bus...ths isn't middle school folks!
Parade Shorts
Black Socks
Marching Shoes

Horn got polished on Friday Night, Check

Ok, Josh takes a shower and then doesn't want to do his hair because he won't be seeing anyone he knows...WHAT...just the entire 200 member band plus everyone else...hair gets done...takes another 5 minutes that wasn't built into the schedule...grrrr.

Have to do:

Nasal Wash Check
Take Pill Check
2 Nasal Sprays & Check Check

Load truck

Uniform Check
Horn Check
Bag Check
Kid Check

We are out the door at 9:45 as he wants Whataburger on the way...we grab a breakfast burrito and get to school.

He unloads everything into the band hall and comes back out and I take him back out and around to the practice field for the one hour practice they will have before they leave.

Ok, I've got one hour before I have to be back with his lunch. They eat lunch on the bus on the way to the contest. I come home iron my shirt that I'm going to wear, put the final touch on my hair, scurry around and start getting Meredith's stuff together. She stayed with my mom on Friday night and we met her late yesterday to pick up Meredith.

Had to leave the house, ran to Subway got Josh his sandwich and took it back to school in time to watch the band make the final run through of the show and wow, they looked great...at least to my untrained eye!

The band finished and we hauled Josh, Sara, Stacy and Paul from the practice field around the band hall. We wished them all lots and lots of luck, told them they looked totally fab and would do just wonderful and we'd see them there!

They all pile out of the truck, waving and chattering and looking very happy as they depart...a closeknit group of freshman who've been playing together in band since sixth grade. On the way to their very first high school competition as a 5A Division School.

As I watch them, I'm happy to be hurried along, to have a crazy schedule...I like being there for all of them!

Wait, there's no time to be sappy...I've got more to do before we leave for the stadium!

Put this baby in drive and Go Girl!

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Another Boring Blog Post by Yours Truly...at least to most!

I know I don't write about hot sex, controversial politics, being miserable in my life or other highly read topics. I just write about my little family over here in suburbia and to most that's pretty boring.

I'm a happy wife mom and I'm lucky enough to be living out my dream which is taking care of my family and raising my kids and yes, my life revolves around them right now as that's the season of life that I'm in. Thanks to those that stop by to see what we've been up to lately, we appreciate it.

Ok, the kids performed in their very first Div 1 Marching Contest yesterday and they won 7th place which I thought was ***GREAT*** for their very first competition at this level.

Way to go Band!

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Friday, October 01, 2004

Friday's Feast

What sound, other than the normal ringing, would you like your telephone to make?

He's a Pirate from Pirate's of the Caribbean Soundtrack

Describe your usual disposition in meteorological terms (partly cloudy, sunny, stormy, etc.).

Mostly Sunny with some occasional clouds

What specific subject do you feel you know better than any other subjects?

Pediatric Reflux, Asthma, Interactions of Reflux and Asthma Meds...sorry, it's not very exciting but has been very, very necessary over the last three years.

Main Course
Imagine you were given the ability to remember everything you read for one entire day. What books/magazines/newspapers would you choose to read?

Humor, Humor and Humor...humor can get you through so much!

If a popular candy maker contacted you to create their next candy bar, what would it be like?

Mmmmmm...something with very creamy high quality white chocolate and toffee

posted by Angie @ 10/01/2004 07:13:15 AM |

Angie's Insanity
My Sanity-Do you have it?
Really, I'm looking for it...if you find it, hang on to it for me ;)

Wife to my Very Best Friend & Mom to a **Teenage** son and a 4 year old Daughter.

11 years between the...ahem...darling...children...they both think they are only children.

Strong willed, independent, each one is **ALWAYS RIGHT** so the other is **ALWAYS WRONG** and so on...no wonder I'm looking for my mind half the time!

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