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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Meredith tolerated the test well and had no problems waking up from the anesthesia, thank goodness.

The preliminary findings are:

No visible scricture (narrowing) of the esophagus, the biopsies will tell if there is inflammation or other things to be concerned about. There was some redness from the constant refluxing.

Her stomach is full of mucous which is not good. The mucous is being created by her sinuses, she's swallowing it and it's very thick and sticky. Her pulmonologist was called in and he's sure she has some of it in her lungs as well. This is the same problem that caused the Staph infection in her sinuses last year which resulted in her having a PICC Line in for 21 days of IV antibiotic therapy.

We also found out aside from refluxing from the stomach into her esophagus she's also refluxing bile from her duodenum (first part of small intestine) back into her stomach. Here's part of why this causes a problem.

Bile is alkaline and the stomach demands an acidic environment to break down foods. When bile enters the stomach, the stomach creates more acid to try and neutralize the bile. Bile and acid don't mix so the stomach keeps creating more acid which causes bloating and pressure on the pylorus (flap that should stayed closed). Causes pain, cramping, bloating, more refluxing and on and on. More refluxing up through the sinuses can trigger more asthma because it goes into the lungs and sticks like glue.

The inside of her stomach is also very red and inflamed, we are assuming that's from the bile reflux.

Current Treatment Plan:
Breathing Treatments every 4 hours until Monday with chest percussion therapy each time to help dry up the secretions and loosen it from the lining of the lungs.


Robitussin to help thin the mucous

Prevacid to reduce acid

Reglan to empty stomach

Back to pulmonologist on Monday

Thanks to everyone that sent emails and prayers to us, they mean more than you know.

I was insanely sick last night and I'm very tired tonight so I'm off of here and going to give a breathing treatment.


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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

It's 10:30 here and Meredith is tucked into bed, fast asleep.

We have to be at the hospital at 7:30 in the morning and she is scheduled for 9 am. I talked to the anesthesiologist tonight, he's put her to sleep 6 other times so far so we are very comfortable with him. The first 4 times other docs put her to sleep were awful but Dr. Murphy does a wonderful job and she wakes up best with him. He uses a different drug load than the others and she tolerates it much better.

He said he's going to go ahead and intubate her since the endoscopy scope is a bit large for her throat and he feel's better about having her airway secured on the off chance that something were to happen.

I always get nervous the night before this stuff happens, I used to be a bit more used to it but it's been right at a year since she's been put under and I've lost the part of me that keeps myself all calm...there's that little nagging part in my mind that says...if anything goes wrong, it'll be my fault since I requested this particular doc.

Josh is staying at my mom's tonight since he has school tomorrow and they are on the last day of TAKS Testing. He called tonight to talk to Meredith, said he couldn't sleep until he said goodnight to her and told her he loved her. I told him that I'd call the school tomorrow to let him know that's she's all done and everything is ok.

I'll send an update when we get home tomorrow afternoon~

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I've been meaning to blog this before it passes and I forget~

We listen to all sorts of music in our home and vehicles...Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical, etc.

I got in the car one day and Marc had put Elton John's Greatest Hits CD in there...an old one...LOL! I popped it in the cd player and Meredith loved it...she sang along the entire way to get Josh from school.

For now, it's her very favorite cd and her favorite song is, Bennie And The Jets. Meredith doesn't understand all of the words because every time Elton sings Bennie...Meredith **screams** the word back...I guess she thinks he saying, Back And The Jets. She uses this very low, throaty scream when she does it instead of her normal...high pitched, shrill, girly scream...which is good because he says Bennie a lot in the song~

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Meredith is scheduled for her endoscopy this Thursday but she's come down with a slight cold so I'm calling her ENT to make sure she'll still be ok to be put under. We really need to get this endoscopy done, her reflux has gotten so much worse and she needs her meds adjusted.

I feel bad that it's been put off this long and if I hadn't had that stupid emergency surgery we would be done with all this by now...sigh...so my baby is suffering because of that.

She also got bit by some unknown bug on the backs of her legs behind her knees and her little legs swelled up something awful. I took her to the doctor and they gave me a script for some cream and said she's very allergic to whatever bit her. If it bites her again, the reaction could be a lot worse...that's not good since I don't have a clue what bit her to start with. She never cried or said a word.

There's a book fair at Mother's Day Out today so I'm going to buy her a bunch of new books and save a lot of them for the summer time. She loves to read and we love to read to her! We get great books at great prices through the book fair so I always stock up!

I'm in the process of re-doing my website, it's slow going since I don't have much time on the computer these days. It's hard to be here when it's so pretty outside!

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

~Matthew has earned his Angel Wings~

While I didn't personally know Matthew or his family, I've been praying for them for months. Matthew died early this morning, he's now in heaven...his eternal home. He's no longer sick and he's pain free now.

Please take a moment and say a prayer for Matthew's family that's left here on earth. They are left with broken hearts, mourning, hurting, grieving and this is such a difficult time for them.

My son Josh and Matthew are very close in age and over the months as I've read about Matthew's battles, I am constantly reminded how lucky I am that I have a healthy son.

With Deepest Sympathy,

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The weather is beautiful today!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

This was sent to me today, how true!

~Images Of Mom~

The Images of Mother
4 YEARS OF AGE ~ My Mommy can do anything!
8 YEARS OF AGE ~ My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot!
12 YEARS OF AGE ~ My Mother doesn't really know quite everything.
14 YEARS OF A! GE ~ Naturally, Mother doesn't know that, either.
16 YEARS OF AGE ~ Mother? She's hopelessly old-fashioned.
18 YEARS OF AGE ~ That old woman? She's way out of date!
25 YEARS OF AGE ~ Well!, she might know a little bit about it.
35 YEARS OF AGE ~ Before we decide, let's get Mom's opinion.
45 YEARS OF AGE ~ Wonder what Mom would have thought about it?
65 YEARS OF AGE ~ Wish I could talk it over with Mom.

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Monday, April 19, 2004

~Sleep Deprivation~

Since my email is whacked out, I'm posting these links here for my Mom!

Sleep Deprivation

Here's a small snippet of info from that site:

Mental Functioning

Without adequate rest, the brain's ability to function quickly deteriorates. The brain works harder to counteract sleep deprivation effects, but operates less effectively: concentration levels drop, and memory becomes impaired. Speech becomes slurred and fragmented, and mental reaction time slows.

The brain's ability to problem solve is greatly impaired: decision-making abilities are compromised, and the brain falls into rigid thought patterns that make it difficult to generate new problem-solving ideas. Insufficient rest can also cause people to have hallucinations.

Another Resource over at About.com

Franklin Institute Online

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~Teenage Update~

Well, if you've been keeping up with my blog...here's an update on this afternoon when I went to pick up Josh.

This morning he confirmed that I was going to pick him up right after school, I winked and said....hmmmmm...I think so!

I left the house about five minutes after his bell had rung so he would have enough time to get from athletics to the band hall, get all his stuff and then outside to meet me.

He beat me and was outside before I got there, guess what...he called me...yes, he actually called me...on the cell phone we pay for him to have...he called ~~~Me~~~...wheeeeeeeee!

He was worried that I had already left but in reality, I hadn't even arrived yet. I had already called his phone and left him a message...trying to provide an example of what I'd like him to do and low and behold...he called ~~~Me~~~!

I was thrilled, it made my day!

He called ~~~Me~~~!

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~Monday Madness~

Pick a letter; any letter.........Got one?
Ok, for the following questions, each of your answers must begin with the letter you chose.......Have fun!! =)

1. If you were limited to 3 things to pack for an overnight trip, what would you pack?


2. What 3 things would you pack in your picnic basket?


3. What are 3 things you'd rather do than go to work?

Skipping this...I'm a SAHM and there are days when I'd rather go to work than stay home...not many, but a few!

4. Name 1 song.
~Money for Nothing~

5. Name 1 movie.
~Monsters Inc.~

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Saturday, April 17, 2004

~Alrighty Then...Teenagers~

Do you have one...a Teenager...or how about kids that are past the teenage years...if you do...please write me and tell me that this too shall pass and we will all survive...including the teen in our house...LOL!

For some reason Josh has decided to take his slllllloooooowwwwww sweet time coming to the car when he gets out of school. On Monday, I waited for 22 minutes. That seems a bit excessive to me, especially since I know
the athletic coaches aren't keeping them late. He gets in the truck, I ask him if there was problem or something that kept him late...his reply...no, I was hanging with my friends. I was nice and said ok, well tomorrow you need to come on out quicker, I don't like waiting this long.

Well of course, I said the wrong thing...I should have said ...oh honey, take as long as you like because on Tuesday he was even slower...grrrrrrr...and of course...dumb me, I just repeated the same thing that I'd said on Monday.

On Wednesday, they had the concert at the Meyerson so I knew they'd be late getting back and that was fine...but then on Thursday he did the same thing again but this time I could see him "hanging" with his friends outside.

Oh gosh, I was soooooo very frustrated with him. I finally laid on the horn but of course he never heard it, tried calling his cell phone and he doesn't hear that either so I just wait and watch...waiting...watching...simmering...waiting ...watching...slowly starting to boil...waiting more ...watching more...finally I'm at a total boil!

At last he notices that I'm waiting...so does he hurry...noooooooo...how about walk at a semi-quick pace...nooooooo...he's walking like he's got cement in his shoes...slooooowwwwwwllllllyyyyy...very, very slowly...dawdling across the entire school lawn...by the time he got into the truck, I was furious with him.

I told him, he was being disrespectful by not doing what I've asked him to do three days this week and that I wouldn't be waiting on him the next day, which happened to be Friday...the day when all kids are ready for the weekend and they all zip right out to get on home and start their social activities for the weekend. He also knew he had to finish getting ready to go camping on Friday afternoon after school so he needed to get himself on home.

Well, Friday afternoon rolls around and I'm certainly in no hurry to leave for school. I looked at the clock and thought...well the bell just rang at school...let me do the dishwasher...oh, and I need to change out the laundry,
I forgot...I also need to sweep the floor...you get the picture.

Low and behold about 30 minutes after the bell rang at school my phone starts ringing and it's Josh...wow...he does know how to use his phone...amazing...why...oh yes, he needs me for a ride home...LOL!

Conversation goes like this:

Me: Hello
Josh: Ummmmm....Mom?
Me: Yes
Josh: Can you come get me from school?
Me: Yes
Josh: Now?
Me: Ummmmmm...ok
Josh: K
Me: Ok
Josh: I Love You
Me: Love You Too
Josh: Bye...oh, and hurry...please~
Me: Ok

Soooooo...I had to get Meredith dressed again because of course she's stripped off yet again...sigh ...anyway we finally get out of the house and loaded up and are on our way.

Here's the visual layout of his school and the road...when you are standing at the school you can see the main road, both ways for a good mile or so.

As soon as I knew that I was in eyeshot of him, I drove like he walks when he's irritated with us...ssssssllllllloooooooowwwwwwww! I brought Big Blue down to about 5 miles per hour...there was no traffic since most all the other kids were gone already...and he was able to see me driving ever so slowly all the way to his school...turning into the parking lot and going even slower until he finally started jogging to me with all his stuff.

I felt good about this...give him a little of what he's been giving to me all week.

He loads all his stuff and jumps in the front and I'm just normal, Hi...how was your day...etc.

His first words were, I'll be much quicker from now on...I won't be late and I won't walk slow anymore...oh and Mom, I Love You!

Well, alrighty then...it worked, he's gonna be quicker, he won't walk slowly ****AND**** he loves me...I got all of that in one breath...LOL!

He's now off camping and I'll be waiting to see how Monday goes...stay tuned for the next edition of Me and My Teenager!

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Friday, April 16, 2004

~Gastro Doc~

I got into a wonderful Gastro Specialist yesterday and am now loaded with several choices of medicine to choose from when my "attacks" come on. I've already started using them and so far, they've really worked well...yipeeeee! I'll be hoping for no more spells of thinking that I'm going to die and looking forward to the medicine working just like it should. My entire colon area was really, really sore when he examined me and said that should resolve itself over the course of the next few weeks.

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Thursday, April 15, 2004

~Josh Played @ The Meyerson
Symphony Center~

We are so proud of Josh and everyone that plays in the band with him at school! They participated in the American Classic Music Festival yesterday and had the *amazing* opportunity to play at the Meyerson Symphony Center which is just beautiful to be inside of much less on the stage playing! They got all ones (best scores you can get) and Best of Class and brought home **huge** trophies for the school's trophy case! These kids were soooooo very excited, they were all smiling from ear to ear as they got off of the chartered bus yesterday...I was thrilled to be there seeing them all so happy as they've put in tons and tons of extra practice time preparing for this event...woohoo...I'm a proud mommy today!

Way to Go!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I got up extra early this morning so I could get ready and take both kids to school. Meredith loves taking her Bubba and dropping him off, she waves wildly and says...Bye, Bye Bubba...over and over again even when we are already out of the parking lot.

He's really good about it too, he doesn't seem too embarrassed to say Bye to her and that makes her sooooo very happy. She smiles from ear to ear, it's so refreshing to watch little kids and see that it doesn't take much at all to make them happy!

Many adults could learn a lesson or two from them~

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1. "Eek, I owe" or "Show me the money!"

~LOL~ Now that I don't work, it's show me the money!

2. "Finished already" or "It isn't the 15th yet, so why rush?!"

Done, Done, Done!

3. "Taxes suck" or "I don't mind because some of it goes to social causes"


4. "1040EZ" or "How the heck does anybody understand all this crap?"

~I don't do any of it, my dh is the one saddled with it and doesn't complain much~

5. "Receipts? What are those?" or "I keep everything just in case *knock on wood*"

~Oh goodness, receipts are ***such*** a big thing around here...every little receipt is kept and he's always soooooo proud to show me how much he was able to deduct with all the receipts I've grumbled about saving through the year!~

~Tuesday Twosome~

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Monday, April 12, 2004

~Good Morning~

Good Morning to You!
Good Morning to You!

Our house starts running early in the morning. I'm up first, then I get Josh up and then Marc. Marc and I try to be quiet hoping that Meredith will sleep for a just a few minutes so he can at least make his coffee but that's nearly impossible with a teenager who can't seem to turn a door knob when closing a door.

Oh how nice it would be if he would put his hand on the door knob and actually turn it to open and close doors but no, he has to just half-slam it which is loud in a very quiet house...and then here comes the princess who really isn't ready to get up but she's been woken up and there's not a chance in the world of her going back to bed when she knows it's morning time...so let the day begin!

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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Let's Go Shopping!

1. How often do you go grocery shopping?

~Usually twice a week, I can't ever decide what I want to cook~

2. What is the last thing you bought for yourself?

~New tops at Foley's during the every week Red Apple Sale they have...LOL~

3. What do you like shopping for most often?

~In general, I love shopping for Josh and Meredith the most~

4. Are you an impulse shopper?

~Not Really...more of a planner~

5. What is the last item you purchased?

~Medium Coke with extra ice at McDonalds...they have the "best" coke mix ever!~

Sunday Brunch

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~Last Edition of The Twist, Turns & Burns of Life~

Surgery took about an hour, I remember waking up in recovery hurting like all you know what...wowsie...what did they do to make my rear hurt worse than it had before. I must have been a bit loud because they kept checking on me...asking me if I was hurting...that seemed like an odd question to me...I'm just out of surgery, I'm hollering about hurting but I guess they needed to confirm that I was in pain. Either way doesn't really matter, they kept giving me more and more morphine.

I was in recovery so long, they called Marc so he wouldn't be worried about me. They said something along the lines of...Hi...This is the recovery room, you wife is in a lot of pain and we are really trying to get under control so she'll be here a while longer. I'm not exactly sure how long I was there, several hours and then I landed in a room.

My first nurse was awful...she didn't hook my IV line up, just left it hanging and then when I started hurting again she never came back with any pain meds...she didn't do anything at all so by the time the late night nurse (11pm) came on, I was very behind on my pain meds and was hurting in a bad way. I remember Marc and the late night nurse being upset and she set about in a very quick fashion to get everything fixed although once you get really behind on pain medicine, it's super hard to get caught up.

Marc left at some point in the night to go take care of the dogs and I woke up crying...bad, bad pain. My nurse was so kind to me, she called my doctor and got approval for extra morphine and something else, she gave it to me and then she rubbed my hair for a long while until the medicine kicked in and I was calmed down and not crying.

Ok, jump to the morning...about 10am...my nurse comes in and says she is going to remove the packing that's in there...and here's her plan...she's going to give me two pain pills and wait about 25 minutes and then give me some morphine through the iv and wait about another 15 minutes so all the medicine will be working well before she takes the packing out. It's right then that I knew this was going to be bad, very...very...bad! Who ever gives that much meds to remove packing, but then how often is your butt ever filled with stuff...don't answer that...mines never had anything it!

Ok, the time comes! Marc is there with me, thank the good Lord above~ When started pulling the packing out, I thought I would die right there in the hospital bathroom...that's a pain that I never want to have again! She started taking it out and I thought it would never stop coming out...I can't believe how much gauzy stuff he got in there...she pulled and pulled and pulled! I was dying and poor Marc was standing there holding my hand watching this stuff come out. The very last part was the absolute worst, I'm guessing that the blood and gauze (or whatever he used) were dried and stuck to the tissue up there. I screamed, I couldn't stop myself...I'm guessing it's a primal thing because I'm not a screamer when I'm hurting...I generally get very, very quiet.

Once that was out and I sat in a warm bath for about 15 minutes, I felt sooooooo much better. That gauze had been causing some of my pain, having it removed was awful but the relief afterwards was wonderful.

It's now officially 11 days post surgery and my rear has never felt better! He must have done a great job down there because I'm past all the pain and have no new pain on the backside!

This surgery will top $30,000.00, I praise the Lord that we have awesome insurance which has covered everything thus far at 100%!

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

~Thankful Thursday~

I'm thankful for my Colon/Rectal Doctor who took care of my rear end last week...looks like it will end up being about a $30,000.00 situation when it's all said and done and my only disappointment is that I didn't get any liposuction or butt lift...nothing...nada...however...I'm thrilled to be pain free!

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

~More On the Twists, Turns and Burns of Life~

Ok, let me pick up where I left off...I got scheduled for surgery at 7:30 pm on last Wednesday night. You know the routine...don't eat or drink...well, I hadn't had a darn thing alllllllllll day long and thought I would end up swallowing my tongue from cotton mouth!

I go the hospital, check in...go to the pre-op area...oh...yes, the nurse says...and what are you here for...I start sinking right then...as I utter the words ummmmmm....butt surgery...she says...what kind of surgery....well butt surgery...she looks at me and I sort of lean towards her and say in a very quiet voice...you know...hemorrhoid surgery...she sort of gasps a little and says...oh, you poor thing...I just died laughing...she was right I was hurting and I felt like a poor little kitty out there on the sidewalk somewhere just waiting for someone to take me home and make me better.

So once I said the dreaded "H" word to her, I felt like I was free...whee...just free! Every person that came in to do stuff to me wanted to know what I was having done and I proudly said...butt surgery...hemorrhoids...hurt's like h*ll and can't wait to be fixed up!

Lady came to draw blood...and innocently asks what I'm having done...well...since ya asked...butt surgery...hemorrhoids...hurt's like h*ll and can't wait to be fixed up!

Someone else came to go over paperwork and again I proudly announce...butt surgery...hemorrhoids...hurt's like h*ll and can't wait to be fixed up!

The sleep doc comes and before he says too much...I say...Yes, I'm Angie...I'm having butt surgery...hemorrhoids...hurt's like h*ll and can't wait to be fixed up...and by the way doc, can you give me something cuz' I'm a nervous wreck...and he seemed surprised that I didn't want a spinal block! My reply, what, you're kidding right? People take a spinal block for this and let you put their butts up for all to see, retractors pulling it apart and don't care...well...not this lady...you best knock me out or I will talk you to death in the or...my dh, mom and son all chime in that it's best to knock me out...they promised him...hehe!

After a few stabs and jabs, I got a lovely IV started and was wheeled into the or at exactly 7:29pm...how's that for timely!

The last thing I remember was my sleep doc telling me to pick a really good dream and he would be right there with me the entire time, not to worry, I'd be ok...I know I had tears rolling down my face because I was so scared...he wiped my tears and put his hand on my shoulder...he patted my shoulder as he put the mask on and a nurse held my hand until I was asleep...there is nothing better than being put to sleep by very compassionate people...I consider myself very lucky and know that God was right there with them and me...God chose those people to be on call that night and knew that they would comfort me!

Another Chapter Later...You're wondering if this will ever end...it will I promise ;)

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

~Life's Unexpected Twists & Turns~

Oh my goodness, it's so interesting to me how life can throw you curves when you're least expecting it!

This post is going to be very matter of fact so if you don't like to read that kind of stuff...just move on now...LOL!

I'm in my mid 30's and have had two kids...and yes, I have dreaded hemorrhoid's. I was the lucky receipent of them when I had Josh almost 14 years ago...and then having Meredith almost three years ago just added to the situation.

They have been aggravating off and on for years but nothing I couldn't live with. I would just put some medicine on them and keep going...until this past week and oh my goodness...talk about stopping me in my tracks!

It started a week ago friday, I just started hurting and it went from bad to worse. I tried all the medicines I had in the house...Proctofoam, Prep H, and every other cream, sauve and pad I have purchased over the years...nothing helped. I woke up at 3:30 on Saturday morning with them ~still~ hurting and by 2pm on Saturday I was at the hospital emergency room crying and in agony.

I have never been so humilitated in my entire life...I go into the er and they smile and say...what can we help you with today...I quietly say...I have hemorrhoid's that are killing me...they say...I'm sorry, I didn't hear you...can you speak a little louder...so I repeat...I have hemorrhoid's that are killing me...and they say very loudly...oh....you have hemorrhoid's...well...yes! I'm in this area where everyone can hear every word that's being said, people are lined up at the window, nurses are in and out and now every single person within earshot know that yes, that woman over there has....hemorrhoid's! I wanted to crawl into the nearest hole but the problem was I couldn't have moved to get into a hole, I was hurting so darn bad!

Ok, so I end up in an exam room...get a gown and they say...strip off and the doc will be around soon...soon...I'm hoping soon is like in a few minutes because I'm bawling it hurt so bad but noooooooo...soon was about a couple of hours. He comes in...looks and says, yes...you've got hemorrhoid's...ok...tell me something I don't already know. He leaves and next comes a nurse with a nice big needle of meds...she starts an iv in my arm and here comes the happy juice...great...they give me some relief, a script for 12 pain pills and some suppositories and I'm on the way out the door.

I sufferered through the rest of Saturday and Sunday...and took the 12 pain pills which only slightly dulled the pain...certaintly didn't get rid of it.

Monday morning rolls around and I'm dying again...soooooooo...this time I'm off the ER where my Colon/Rectal works out of. I only waited about three hours and then they got me on iv pain meds right away. First the er doc comes in and looks...I scream...she says...I'll wait for the other doc...then the next doc comes in...and examines me...I scream and she says...I'll wait for the next doc...then comes my Colon/Rectal doc...he starts to examine me and says...he can't because the pain is just too bad. He's wondering if I had an Anal Fissure because external hemorrhoid's just don't cause this much pain...they have room to expand and contract but my pain level was waaaaayyyyyy beyond anything he'd seen in a while.

He does a CT Scan looking for an abcess and doesn't find one so he starts treatement for a fissure which includes massive pain killers, valium, nitro cream from a compounding pharmacy and some other cream for back there. This is on Monday around 6pm and says if I'm not doing much, much better on Wednesday morning to call him. Wednesday morning rolls around and I am doing better but it's because of all the drugs that I'm on...not because I'm actually better back there if you know what I mean.

He says well, I need to see you this morning, come on over...lovely...come on over so you can stick something else up my butt...not! Ok, we get there, I strip off and put on a gown and he comes in...all is well until he says...I need to put this little analscope in and look around...I said, well...how little is it...he showed it to me and I about died right there...there is nothing little about it at all...nothing! I didn't have any choice left, I was hurting so bad, I just wanted someone to fix the problem so I agreed and after he must have put an entire tube of ky jelly on that thing he put it in my rear to have a peek! Meanwhile, I told him that things are made to come out of there not to go in and he needed to be quick...I didn't even finish my sentence to him and he said we need to get into the or now or very, very soon...asked his nurse to see if the or was available at 1pm...it was 11 am at the time. The or was booked until 7:30 pm so he scheduled me for then...what a nice way to end his day...looking up someone's rear end...ugh!

I had thrombosed, strangulated hemorrhoid's...ouch! He said, well no wonder your pain is sooooo bad, it looks awful in there...duh...I'm thinking well, I'm not nuts after all...I've got a problem...it may be a butt problem but it's still a problem and it hurts like heck~

I'm too tired to finish typing, more later~

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