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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Another Long Day...

Took Meredith to the doctor and we've decided to watch her and her fever. There's only one med left to use and if they put her on it they will have stick her for blood draws every day. If she were to have too much of the med it could harm her kidneys, not enough and doesn't work...sigh...if it's not one thing it's another.

We will be seeing the surgeon tomorrow morning and will hopefully get a date for early next week. We've been told to expect around 40% improvement...we'll sure take it!

I'm going to bed early tonight, I'm running on almost no sleep and I've got to be careful about that because my migraines will set in hard and heavy and I can't afford them right now...I need to be ok to take care of her.

Hugs to All and again...Thanks for all the tags and emails!

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Called the doc about her fever, they aren't happy since it's 5 days post surgery.

We will be seeing them at 10 this morning and they told us to bring a bag in case they choose to admit her.

posted by Angie @ 6/30/2004 09:13:06 AM |

~Constant Fever~
Little Meredith has a constant low grade fever. Bless her heart, she asks me for a suppository because they make her feel better. She didn't go to sleep until around midnight last night and I dozed off for a bit but was back up at 1am and then finally went back to sleep around 4 this morning.

The pulmonologist called this morning to let us know that he talked to the surgeon that will be doing the surgery and they will be doing it next week for sure.

We go tomorrow to meet with him, it will be somewhat of a relief to get an actual date scheduled.

Thanks so much to everyone that continues to leave us kind, loving and supportive tags and for all the personal emails as well.


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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Feeling: Crazy

Meredith woke up with a fever this morning, it's sitting steady at 101. She can't take liquid medicine, says it makes her sick so we used a suppository and hopefully it will come down a bit.

I'm doing laundry, can someone tell me...does laundry have babies in the middle of the night? I think ours does.

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I know this pages looks a bit squished but I had to get rid of the scroll bar. I didn't make the pictures of Meredith posted below small enough so I made my blog frame bigger.

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Feeling: Crazy






I've added comments to my blog. I've been to several blogs lately that have them and I like using them so I thought I'd add them to mine too. Guess the real test will be to see if anyone actually leaves them...LOL...it would be sad to add them and then no one ever leave any.

Josh is doing well with his toe.  He had the nail removed on Saturday morning and by yesterday he didn't even need any pain meds.

Meredith had a rough night last night. She has been running a low grade fever and just not feeling all that well and I think that's why she couldn't sleep last night. We put her in the bed with us and she did a bit better.

We have an appointment with the Pediatric Surgeon on Thursday morning, we've been told he's the best of the best. I looked up a little info on him:

Languages spoken in this office: Spanish, German, Italian

Medical Education: University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, 1986

Internship: St. Paul Hospital, 1987

Residency: Surgical, St. Paul Hospital, 1991

Fellowship: Pediatric Transplantation, Children's Medical Center of Dallas, 6/92

Board Certification(s):

Surgery - American Board Of Surgery, 1992

Pediatric Surgery - American Board Of Surgery, 1998

I like to know a bit about a doctor before I walk into their office. I'm thinking he must really good because all four of Meredith's specialists recommended him as well as her regular doctor.

Oh gosh, how wonderful it would be if she has this surgery and didn't need all those doctors anymore...that's what I'm praying for!


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Monday, June 28, 2004


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Feeling: Tired






Monday Madness

1. Bed and Breakfast or hotel? Since we have kids...a hotel

2. What determines where you stay?(i.e. price, accommodations, transportation, travel package) We try to stay at Marriott since we earn points with them.

3. When determining where to stay, do you ever consider the establishment's history? (i.e. it might be haunted, location of high profile crime) No, it's never entered my mind.

4. Would such considerations sway your decision? I don't think I could sleep in a place where there had been a horrible crime.

5. Do you try and read the local paper for where you're visiting, to get an idea of what the area's like? No, but I do look around on the internet for where we are visiting to get an idea of what it's like.


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Feeling: Tired






Sunday Report

Yesterday ended up to be a pretty good day. Meredith tolerated her treatments well, had no fever and didn't throw up at all. Josh's toe didn't hurt and changing his bandage was easy.  I don't think it can get any better than that...both of my kids seem to be doing ok for the time being. I'm very grateful for that.

Marc, Meredith and I went to the mall for a little bit. We've been so cooped up and it was nice to get out for a little while. We bought her some t-shirts at the Disney Store to wear as night shirts, we bought a size up and they work well since the sleeves are loose on her. Went to American Eagle and got Josh some new shirts, it's time to start the back to school
shopping. Our last stop was the Godiva store and Marc had them make a box of Meredith's and mine favorite white chocolate candy, he's such a sweetheart.

I'm so excited to have some reads now on my list, I'll be making the rounds shortly!

Meredith has an appointment with the a new specialist this morning at 9am so I'm off here but will post again later with any updates.

Thanks to everyone for all of the wonderfully supportive emails, they help me keep my spirits up!

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

I snapped a couple of pics this morning while Meredith was getting her treatment.

She's been such a good girl through everything.

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Feeling: Sad



Whew a Whirlwind Two Days!

Hi Everyone!

We got home late yesterday and I've just not had a free moment to write an entry.

Meredith did well through all of her testing~

All of her sinuses in her head are blocked and full of infection except for one and it's about 25% open right now.

Her ENT & Pulmonologist have recommended her having a Nissen Fundoplication
because most of her problems are directly related to her reflux. We haven't been able to control her reflux and she's on high doses of meds for that right now and it's apparent that they aren't working either.

She's currently getting 5 IV Treatments a day, Rocephin is every 12 hours and the Clindamycian is every 8 hours.  The diarrhea is back so we are watching that closely.  She's also running a low grade fever and threw up a few times this morning.   We aren't worrying about solid foods right now since she has no appetite and are mainly focusing on pushing the fluids through her.

Sooooo...hopefully we'll get the surgery scheduled this week and she'll be there between 4 and 5 days.

On another note, Josh came home today from Scout Camp today and I had to take him to the doctor for his toe.  He ended up having the toenail removed because the infection was so bad in his toe.

He's on the couch in the living room with his foot propped up and just took a pain pill and Meredith is at the dining room table getting a treatment. I started everything and Marc is with her now so I could finish this entry that I've been trying to post since early this morning.

I'm tired, we are all tired!

Hug your kids today!

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

It's 5:30 am my time and we have to have Meredith to the hospital by 8am this
morning to get her admitted.  She's scheduled for the CT Scan under
sedation at 9:30 and at the end of the CT Scan her ENT is coming down to look in
her nasal area to check for a polyp that another doctor thinks he might have
seen.  If she has one then she'll go back for surgery on next Tuesday. 
After they finish the CT Scan she will go and have the PICC Line inserted. 
I always get jittery when they do this because she has to be transported through
the hallways from one area to another while she's asleep and it includes an
elevator ride as well.  The anesthesiologist stays with her the entire time
but I guess it's just the Mom in me that get's worried.

If everything goes great, which I expect that it will, she'll be in the hospital
overnight and we can come home tomorrow.

We noticed last night that she's having more MRSA Spots on her skin, she's still
alseep so I can't check to see if she has anymore or if they've gotten worse
this morning.  We've been told if her system gets weak enough these spots
can turn into abcesses...yuck.

Ok, I'm off to finish getting her stuff ready, be back later.

Give your kids an extra hug today!


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Monday, June 21, 2004

It's getting close to July so I re-did things in in patriotic
colors and adoptions, you can find the adoptions in my shoppe if you're looking
for any for your pages. 

I know America isn't perfect, no country is.  I couldn't
have prouder of our country than when Reagan died and to see everyone come
together from all party lines, different countries, different religions...we all
came together as one...that's what we do in America...we come together as
One...United...Supporting Each Other...how much better does it get than that?

I was sorting Laundry earlier and I looked down to find a
green lizard on my hand...I thought I was going to have a heart attack right
there on the spot...my heart raced for at least 30 minutes and I still haven't
been back over there to sort any more laundry.  Marc will have to make sure
the coast is clear before I go back over there.

sent me the cutest sig tag, Thanks so much sis it really brightened my day!


posted by Angie @ 6/21/2004 04:57:09 PM |

It's Monday Right!


Do you prefer....

1. Long hair or Short hair...Medium Hair

2. Contacts or Glasses...Contacts

3. Spring or Autumn...Oh, a really hard choice...I Love both seasons!

4. Mittens or Gloves...Gloves

5. Car or Truck/SUV...SUV

6. Mac or Windows...Windows

7. Cats or Dogs...Dogs

8. Rock or Jazz...Rock

9. Pen or Pencil...Pen...Pink Ink

10. DVD's or VHS's...DVD's all the way!

Monday Madness

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Friday, June 18, 2004


Nikki, sent me the cutest gift yesterday from Lynn at Electrik Garden...I love Lynn's work and Nikki you're so wonderful to send this to me!  Thanks so much!

When I got up this morning, Nikki had also sent me these cuties from Melissa at Quilter Bee. It brings such a smile to my face to see adorable gifts in my mailbox...Thanks Again Nikki...Love Ya Girl!

My day has started off great, hope your's has too!

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Thursday, June 17, 2004


Anyone Out There?

I rarely blog at night but I didn't want to let too many days go by without posting an entry.

Tomorrow is Meredith's appointment with her pediatrician. It'll be interesting to see what he has to say about all of her current problems as well as what he will advise us to do going forward.

We have a referral to Allergist/Immunologist and the waiting period is a good while so I'm going to call her pulmonologist to see if he can get her in sooner.

As a side note here, Josh is printing all this stuff on the printer and it's falling down everywhere...the printer is up on the top of the hutch of my desk and it's just raining paper right now!

She did fine with the injection they gave her for the beginning of the immunity testing.  They also drew 4 tubes of blood and she never uttered a sound...nothing, she just laid there while they drew blood and then gave her the shot...I was almost bawling but she did great.  

The blood gets sent off to California and it takes two weeks to do all the lab work and then we go back 30 days from when she had the shot and they draw another 4 tubes of blood and send it off.  They will compare her blood before she was given the injection to her blood after she had the injection to see how her body is reacting to it.

I'm tired tonight, Meredith didn't sleep last night and neither did we.  I ended up sleeping on the couch for a while and then she was crying for me around 3am so she got next to me in our bed and finally went back to sleep about 6am.

It's been a long day here and will probably be another long one tomorrow.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I just realized that my site say's Happy Spring and it's Summer...off to
change it, now to decide what I want to use...I feel Briar Bunnies coming on!


posted by Angie @ 6/15/2004 05:22:22 PM |

Good Morning!

Woohoo, let me start with the cutest adoptions I got yesterday for the shoppe! 

who happens to be my
CGF for
the month of June made them, aren't they adorable!  I'll be adding them
ASAP and I'm sure they will be glad to come and live with you or a friend that
you send them to.  Thanks Nikki, Meredith and I love them!

Ok, the doctor wants to put Meredith back on Bactrim but we are holding off
until Friday when we meet with her ped.  She's not markedly worse and not
markedly better so we gather she's holding her own right now...with her that
could be good and could be bad...it's hard to tell.  We just don't want to
put her on any antibiotics unless we really have to since she has the MRSA,
which she wouldn't have if she hadn't taken so many antibiotics already.

Josh went with Erica last night to work VBS at her church, he seemed to enjoy

The Princess took forever to go to sleep last night, the last time I checked on
her at around 11 she was out...Thank Goodness...she needs her rest.

I'm off to answer some emails since I'm terribly far behind and then going to
cut this gorgeous watermelon we bought yesterday, slice strawberries for
strawberry shortcake and unload the dishwasher...you know...get ready for the
day type stuff.

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Monday, June 14, 2004

I'm Soooooo Behind....   

I'm so behind on blogging...seems when I try to catch up in one area, I fall
behind in several others.

Meredith is sick yet again, this time it's been since June 6th so yesterday
was 10 days.  We made the decision before she got sick this time to see how
her body would fight the next illness and so far I'd say it's fair.  She
saw the pulmonologist on Friday June4th and was well and then by Sunday
night...bam...sick again.  Started talking to his office on Wednesday and
then saw them on Friday which ended up being about a 3 hour appointment. 
He wanted to start the first round of immunity testing which involves drawing
blood and sending it off for lab work and then giving her a
injection, after 30 days we go back and they draw blood again and compare the
results to see how her immune system is or isn't reacting to the

More later, she's not feeling well and is crying~

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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Thank you Cheri
for the wonderful Reagan Remembrance Graphic you made for

Speaking of Ronald Reagan, have you all been watching the funeral services,
etc?  I've tried to watch as much as I can and I'm taping all of them. 
I'm almost 37 years old and this is the presidential funeral that I've ever seen
and honestly, I'm in awe of how wonderful everything has been. 

As I watch the services, I see America coming together like we should
be...doesn't matter what race, religion, background, political party or country
you're from...I can see "Americans" standing united as one body in memory of
Ronald Reagan. 

I Am Truly Proud Be An American!

posted by Angie @ 6/10/2004 06:53:44 AM |

Whew, it's been a super busy week here! 

Yesterday, we had a full day of errands and appointments. 

We had to get Josh another complete Class A Scout Uniform since he's staffing
Golden Acorn in a couple of weeks.  He seems to be looking forward to it
and it was really an honor for him to be asked to be on staff this year.

He forgot to submit his order for extra Golden Acorn T-Shirts so we called
the director of "GA" yesterday to see if they had any extra's we could purchase.

Ran by Target to get a new bulletin board for the fridge, got it home and it
doesn't have the magnets so have to return it and get another one.

He had his appointment to get his Eagle Project signed off with
New Beginning
.  New Beginning Center is a Domestic Violence Shelter along with
many counseling and preventative programs here in our own local community. 

It was really moving to go to the administrative offices.  We all know
that many women are killed each year by their husbands or significant
others...approx. 233 a year just in the state of Texas.  Immediately upon
entering the offices you are greeted by life size silhouette's of women that are
painted red with a plaque on them stating who that silhouette represents, what
year she was killed, how she was killed and whom she was killed by...talk about
making the hair on your arms stand up...whew...it did mine and Josh's too! 
One of them had been stabbed 23 times by her husband and her body was found by
her young children...can you even imagine the horror...just makes me sick.

As we were leaving he kept looking at those silhouettes and he told me, he
was sick to his stomach.  I think the reality had hit him.  He said he
knew that bad things like that happened but when he read the one about the lady
being stabbed 23 times and her young children finding her...that made him
realize how important it is to help stop violence in the home. 

He went back in and asked them if he could borrow the silhouette's when he
does his fund-raising and they said, yes.  I thought that was a great idea
since they are life size and really help you visualize the situation.

Josh spent a great deal of time thinking about his Eagle project and he
wanted it to be something other than building a bench for a church...nothing
wrong with those that choose to take that path...he wanted it to be something he
would be proud to tell his children about and honestly, I can't think of
anything better.

On another note, I bought myself a new book yesterday...just something on the
lighter side. Angry
Housewife's Eating Bon Bon's
.  I needed a little something just for me,
an escape in the evening to calm my nerves, help me relax, and get back to my
love of reading which I've neglected since Meredith was born almost three years

If anyone really reads this, I hope you have a wonderful day today!


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Monday, June 07, 2004

Monday, Monday, Monday!

First off, Hope Everyone has a Wonderful Monday!

We had a busy weekend, finished painting Josh's room and got the border
up...I bought three rolls and ended up being about 8 inches short so I'll have
to get another roll to finish it up today. 

I've been cooking on the grill a lot more and it's been really nice, I hate
heating up the kitchen and here in North Texas it's only going to get hotter and
hotter so it makes a big difference when you turn on the oven for a while.

Oh, I added some new summer adoptions to my
Happy Summer! pages, I'll be adding more as I have time to shop hop and find

I added a bunch of new adoptions to my shoppe as well...Trish
is making me a "Friendship Monthly Series" of Giggle Bears, here's the first
one, June...isn't it adorable! 
You can find it at my shoppe...look for the button titled Giggles...I made them
their own little home with the Giggle Collector Set that Trish made.

She also made me this custom Giggle, just perfect!

Lissa has
recently started drawing and I loved this little cutie of hers and just added it
as well.

posted by Angie @ 6/07/2004 07:16:45 AM |

Monday Madness

1. In your opinion, what is the perfect temperature? ~68-78

2. If you have a garden, what do you plant in it? If not, what would
you plant in it? ~No garden here, my grandmother used to always have one and we
planted everything...tomatoes, watermelon, jalpenos, peas, squash, carrots,
potatoes, onions, cantaloupe...you name it we had it!~

3. What is your favorite summertime beverage? ~Nice fresh Ice Tea~

4. How many times a year do you rearrange your living room? ~0~

5. How fast do you drive in a '55 mile-an-hour' zone? ~63~

6. How many minutes per day do you usually talk on the phone? ~20~

7. What is your favorite software program? ~Outlook...for my email of

8. How many music cd's do you own? ~350+~

9. How many memes do you participate in on a regular basis? ~3~

10. Name 3 blogs that you have on your 'blogroll' list. (any 3.) Shhhh....None...I
don't use blogroll...maybe I should~

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Friday, June 04, 2004

I'd been looking for some different weather mini's to use on my blog, I
posted in some groups I'm in about them and the very next day look at the little
cutie above that Mary
sent me...she sent an entire set of them...well, there's actually three sets of
them to pick from!  Those of us in
Girlfriends Forever
will get to use them...isn't that awesome!  Woohoo,
Thank You very much, Mary...you're such a sweetie and thanks for doing them in
pink...my very favorite color!

Mary also sent me this adorable siggy tag, I just love pink...my favorite
color in the whole world!

I also got this adorable cutie as a gift from
Marina, she just
opened Country
Delights Auctions
...take a peek, you might see something you can't live
without.  I love her newest set, the colors are perfect!

Oh, have you checked out

it's a fun little read put together by several wonderful ladies.  I
participated in the fairytale today and got this cutie for it...

Thanks Lisa,
& Ginger...can't
wait to see what else is in store!

And if all of that wasn't enough,
Rita sent me this
cutie...Thanks Sis!

Time to get Meredith ready for night-night...blog more later~

posted by Angie @ 6/04/2004 08:50:00 PM |

Is it Really Another Day?

Is it really Friday morning here? Is it really summer? Are both kids really out of school for the summer? Will I be locked away in an mental ward before school starts again?

No matter what I try to accomplish, I don't seem to actually accomplish much of anything...is it just me, is it a severe flaw in my personality...is it because I'm not capable of making proper decisions...aaaacccckkkkk...I just don't know!

And teenage boys...mine in particular, I love him to death but for goodness sakes why in the world can't he ask for help when he needs it instead of doing whatever he thinks is best?

We bought Meredith a new pool/play thing yesterday and he goes to blow it up...without reading the directions...said there weren't any directions. He started putting water in the part of the pool where the air goes...now what sense does that make? Low and behold when I showed him the directions that were plainly printed on the box, he said, Oh...I didn't see them...well...did ya' look?

While trying to blow up some of the toys, he broke the air compressor...granted it wasn't a huge one but nevertheless he broke it when all he had to do was ask about which tip to use instead of shoving the one he thought should work into it.

Meredith was screaming because she wanted in her new pool, the new pool has water where air should be, the air compressor that would blow up the pool was broke...she's screams, he's frustrated and barely listening and I just want to throw up my hands and go away on a three week vacation away from both of them!

More Later...I'm going to get myself some coffee and have a nice, long, hot shower before everyone wakes up for the day~

posted by Angie @ 6/04/2004 05:57:04 AM |

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I'm so sad this evening.  My poor Miss Vogue still isn't home. 
This is so hard, she is a member of our family and things just aren't right
without her here.  She loves tomatoes and I had to throw away the extras
last night since she wasn't here to eat them.

posted by Angie @ 6/01/2004 06:00:08 PM |

I love this pic of Meredith, she was so happy with herself...she told her daddy she just needed the keys!

posted by Angie @ 6/01/2004 06:17:39 AM |

Angie's Insanity
My Sanity-Do you have it?
Really, I'm looking for it...if you find it, hang on to it for me ;)

Wife to my Very Best Friend & Mom to a **Teenage** son and a 4 year old Daughter.

11 years between the...ahem...darling...children...they both think they are only children.

Strong willed, independent, each one is **ALWAYS RIGHT** so the other is **ALWAYS WRONG** and so on...no wonder I'm looking for my mind half the time!

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